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Life Events at Pikes Peak MCC

At Pikes Peak MCC, we honor and celebrate life's significant milestones with warmth, inclusivity and reverence. Our dedicated team is here to guide and support you through a range of meaningful ceremonies tailored to your needs.

Inquire using the form below, email or call 719.634.3771.

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Funeral & Memorial Services
Naming Ceremonies
Rites & Rituals


Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church practices baptism as an important step in the life of a Christian. Just as Jesus was baptized, so also are the members of our congregation. We recognize baptism as the outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual reality. It is a commitment to God, to the church, and to one’s own spiritual life.

At PPMCC, we practice both infant and adult baptism. Recognizing that people have both different reasons for baptism and different theological beliefs about it, we seek to be open to all those interpretations. We will not prescribe what your baptism must mean, look like, or who should attend. We simply—yet deeply—believe in the importance of baptism and want to be there to assist you as you or your child undergo this sacred ritual.


To schedule a baptism, you should first speak with our Pastor and make appropriate plans. To do so, contact the church office during regular business hours.

Funeral & Memorial Services

Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church and our Pastor are always honored when we are asked to enter into people’s lives in times of grief and loss. It is in these dark times that we are blessed to be able to support you and your family, providing consolation, a listening ear, and words of hope and reassurance.

If you choose to have a funeral or memorial service here at PPMCC, the first step is to call and reserve the sanctuary. If you wish to have Pastor Alycia conduct the service, please contact her to ensure she is available. She will set a time to come and meet with you, discuss the service, and learn about your loved one (if she doesn’t already know them). This is generally a time that most family members and friends appreciate as it is often spent thinking of fond memories and sharing the best about the person you lost. At that meeting, Pastor Alycia will explain options for the service, and then take responsibility for planning the service. Pastor Alycia is committed to creating a unique services that honors your loved one, no matter their gender identity, sexual orientation, or who they were in life. Everyone deserves to have a loving service.

Many wonder about costs for the funeral. Generally, the costs are the same as they are for any other use of our building. However, please note that PPMCC NEVER turns away anyone in need of a funeral or memorial service, regardless of their ability to pay. Pastor Alycia has done funerals when no honorarium was paid, and our building has been used many times for little or no cost. If you need to have the fees adjusted to meet your needs, simply discuss that with Pastor Alycia, and be assured that everything will be taken care of. Our primary concern is that your loved one is laid to rest in a sacred way that honors and celebrates his or her life.


Finally, know that if you are reading this page, you are in our prayers. All those in need of the services of our congregation in times of grief are precious to us. We are grateful that we can be here to show you the love of God in a time when your heart is breaking. May God bless you.


Does PPMCC perform weddings? Yes, our clergy are licensed and happy to perform weddings–both heterosexual and same-sex weddings.

Who? Those wishing to make a commitment may be any persons, at least 18 years or older, in a relationship, wishing to publicly profess their love.

Legal? Yes, weddings performed at Pikes Peak MCC are legal.

Where? To make arrangements to use our facility, please contact us.  Weddings can also be performed virtually anywhere (like at a home, in the mountains, in a park, etc.) Additional fees may be required for mileage or other costs incurred for ceremonies outside the Colorado Springs area.


When? A wedding can be scheduled most any time, dependent upon the availability of clergy. It is recommended that a couple plan their ceremony at least 3 to 6 months in advance.


How elaborate does it have to be? Some couples wish to have a very simple and brief ceremony; others elect to include attendants, family, special readings, and music.  Each ceremony is planned during pre-ceremony meetings with our Pastor.


Are there costs for weddings? A quality occasion requires careful planning with the assistance of professional staff.  Therefore, there is a schedule of fees for staff services and donations for use of facilities.  The actual costs will vary depending on the type of service and its location.  Simply contact the church for more details.


What about enhancements? Flowers, photography, invitations, ushers, or any reception are the responsibility of the couple. We will gladly offer suggestions or ideas to assist you.

Transgender Naming Ceremony

Pikes Peak MCC supports and affirms people who identify as
transgender, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender creative. One way we do this is to offer a Naming Ceremony for those who wish to mark that moment in their life. Changing one’s name can be one of the most meaningful steps for a trans or gender nonconforming person in expressing and validating who they are. There is no charge for this ceremony. If you are interested in having such a ceremony, please contact Pastor Alycia.

Rites and Rituals

Pikes Peak Metropolitan Community Church recognizes that there are many milestones in life that deserve to be honored and commemorated. For that reason, we offer various rites and rituals that can help make these moments Sacred markers along the journey of your life. Please contact Pastor Alycia for more information about planning any of these rites or rituals.

Changing one’s name can be one of the most meaningful steps for a trans or gender nonconforming person in expressing and validating who they are. We offer a Transgender Name Change Ceremony for those who wish to mark the occasion in a special way.

We do an annual Blessing of the Animals on the first Saturday in October each year. This is a way for us to honor the special place pets have in our families.

There are many other rituals and rites that can be performed. Basically, if you can think of it, our pastoral staff can do it. We are open-minded and enjoy the creative process of ritualizing significant moments in life. So, simply contact us, and we can begin working with you to plan whatever ritual or rite you would like to have performed.

Finally, know that these special rites and rituals can be for joyous occasions or for more somber occasions. If you would like to plan a Remembrance Ritual for someone you lost long ago, for the childhood that was stolen from you because of sexual abuse, or for some other profoundly impactful life experience, these can also be planned.

The goal of any rite or ritual is to help you continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, and healthily as you continue to move through the journey of this life. We are here to help you do that by providing these rituals as a way to celebrate new milestones or to find closure, acceptance, and hope—even in the most difficult of situations.

Funeral & Memorial Services
Transgender Naming Ceremonies
Rites & Rituals
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