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Prayer & Congregational Requests

Do you have a prayer request or a need you'd like us to lift up for you? Please fill out the appropriate form below, indicating your preferred method for sharing your request.


We are here to surround you with love, light, and hope!

Prayer Request

Submit your intentions to be included in our congregation’s prayers, coordinated by the prayer team.

Prayer Request Form

How would you prefer we handle your prayer request?
Please share it with the Pastor, Staff and Prayer Team Leader ONLY.
Please share with Prayer Team.
Please share in Community Prayers during Sunday worship.

Congregational Care Request

Coordinate necessary support through our congregation’s care team or volunteers.

Congregational Care Request Form

Send Prayer Request: Does the Congregational Care Team have your permission to send your concern/request as a prayer to the PPMCC Prayer Team?
Share in Community Prayers During Worship: Would you like your concern or request included in Community Prayers during our Sunday morning worship service?
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